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Nathanael and Christina are the directors and managers of Simple Times Farm.

Christina DeSota nurtured a love of horses throughout her youth, managing a barn for friends and developing her riding skills. An excellent rider with a love for children, she shines at communicating foundational skills and knowledge to the youngest members of the farm who come to ride and also enjoys teaching our more mature members more advanced skills in riding. She specializes in teaching western pleasure, showmanship, english pleasure and all around skill sets for 4H and above. She has won multiple awards at PAINT, PINTO and local open shows and her clients have also done very well with mulitple first, high point awards and ROM's. Christina is also the Head Coach for the local Goodrich equestrian team, a very successful team associated with MIHA over the last several years since coming on board in 2012.

Nathanael DeSota enjoys working with horses on the ground and in the saddle and is honored to have the chance to assist the clientelle of Simple Times Farm with their horses, especially those that are struggling through bad habits or poor ground manners with their equine partner. Whether your horse has not been started, is green or a finished show horse that needs a tune up or a gentle attitude adjustment, Nathanael would love to work with you. He believes it is very important to establish a firm foundation in proper pressure and release so that your horse can be the best they can be at what they do, whether at home, on the trail, or at the show! Good training always begins with the proper balance of relationship, trust & appropriate boundaries. Call for more details. Nathanael also enjoys working with young people and especially enjoys working with students that have a passion to grow, both in their riding ability and in their growth as a person.

Collin DeSota, is a junior trainer, and as a young man in his 20's he is working diligently to make training and working with horses and students a full time vocation. He enjoys working with horses and our younger students and everybody that meets him loves his personality, especially the way he engages and works with kids. He wins ribbons everywhere he goes with his horses and would love to help your younger students to become a great rider as well!!

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