Simple Times Farm
Horse Boarding & Training

At Simple Times we are sure to give each rider the chance to excel. Many of our new students have quickly established themselves as contenders in local, regional and state show circuits. Our seasoned students have competed and won at national competitions! Students at Simple Times know how to ride, are fit for riding, and are taught to understand and care for their horses.

Lesson/Riding Instruction Prices 
 $40 - private lessons - buy a pack of 4 lessons and save $10 off per month
   $35 - semi private (2-3 riders-price is per person) 
   $30 - private lessons (1/2 hour)
   $30 - group lessons (4 or more riders-price is per person) if available
   $35 - Home School Lessons (lessons must be taken during normal operating hours for public schools)

Buy a pack of lessons (4) and get $10 off! - available for private lessons only

Lessons include a full 60 minutes of barn time including tacking up, groundwork and riding instruction. Our instructors are thorough and engaging. Tack is provided. Students must avoid loose or baggy clothing and wear boots with at least 1/2” heel.

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